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Why Choose Us?

Specializing in mobile and tablet game development, our mission is to provide an ever adapting, unique, and unparalleled gaming experience. By leveraging proven engagement techniques with emerging technologies, we create experiences that transcend the status quo of traditional gaming.

Multi Platform

We create mobile games that run on iOS and Android devices. Whether youre targeting mobile phones or tablets, we'll make sure the experience is always consistent.

Gamification Experts

Regardless of genre, gamification is a crucial factor in maintaining user engagement. We accomplish this by implementing features such as levels, currencies, scoring, and much more

Emerging Tech Pioneers

With VR & AR gaming busting onto the scene, staying ahead is the only way to keep up. We embrace emerging technology and employ developers with years of VR/AR development experience.


Need some help? In addition to developing our homegrown originals, we do contract work when we have some extra bandwidth. Take a peek at a few of the services we offer

Level Design

Everyone loves a challenge. Our level design experts will find the perfect balance of challenge and reward to maximize user satisfaction.

UI + UX Design

User Interface design is critical to your users engagement. We can help you simplify your interface to enhance the overall experience.

Machine Learning

We leverage artifical intelligence to constantly improve user experience. Machine learning techniques will keep your game feeling fresh and new.

2D / 3D Design

We assist in creating stunning 2D and 3D animations to bring your game to life.

Economy Systems

No matter the game genre, economy systems are an efffetive way to keep users working towards a goal, and satisfied after achieving them.

Quality Assurance

Development bugs are the fastest way to tank your app's rating. We test on ALL major devices to ensure that NEVER happens.

Our Amazing Team

Meet the people who make the magic happen

Olga Klochko

3D Artist

Mark Currie

Development Operations Director

Ludmilla Domnich

Production Partner

George Kouris

Brand Relationships Director

Olga Kryukova

Quality Assurance

Zhenia Medvedeva

3D Artist

Stefan Larimore

Lead Developer Consultant

John “Jed” Thomas

General Counsel

Looking for a new developer family? We're always looking to add top developer talent. Apply by sending your resume to jobs@tinybitstudios.com

Chic Fashion

Game Spotlight

TinyBit Studios is excited to announce our brand new mobile game for fashion and shopping. Chic Fashion features competitive, real time fashion competitions where users compete by dressing a fully customizable avatar with REAL designer brand clothing and accessories. We are currently in Beta testing and looking for more Brands to partner with and feature in our game. By partnering with us, you will receive free advertising, and invaluable metrics illustrating the level of interest users have in each article of clothing. For more information, check out the video below! To partner with us, apply by filling out the form below, or email brands@tinybitstudios.com

REAL Designer Brands

Featuring real designer brands for all clothing items items and accesories. Users can navigate directly from an article of clothing in game, to the ecommerce store of the brand.

Diverse Avatar Customization

Our avatar models feaure a multitude of ethnicities and body types. We understand that fashion is not just about clothing, but about creating a complete look to accent our natural features.

Clothing Data & Metrics

By partnering with us, you will receive invaluable data and metrics which illustrate interest levels our audience has with individual clothing items, and with your brand as a whole.

For Brands

Get your clothing brand featured on our NEW mobile game for shopping & fashion! To apply, send us a request below or email brands@tinybitstudios.com

Tampa Office

Ukraine Office